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Saturday, April 04, 2015

Brad Alphonso By Michael Del Buono For Men Moments Mag!

Wilhelmina model Brad Alphonso photographed by Michael Del Buono, with styling by Rebecca Engling, for Men Moments Magazine!

Kaylan Morgan By Rick Day!

Kaylan Morgan photographed by Rick Day!

Alessio Pozzi For GQ Style Korea!

Alessio Pozzi photographed by Young Kyu Yoo for GQStyle Korea! (Source: FTAPE)

John Wesselingh By Brent Chua!

DNA model John Wesselingh photographed by Brent Chua!

Friday, April 03, 2015

Matthew Noszka By JM Dayao For Reflex Homme Mag (Full Edit)!

Having previously posted the cover and "making of" video, I was hoping to get the full edit of Matthew Noszka for Reflex Homme Mag, which his agency, Wilhelmina just posted! Matthew is photographed by JM Dayao and styled by Malcolm Bacani!

Michael Camiloto By Hudson Rennan!

Way model Michael Camiloto photographed by Hudson Rennan, with styling by Teo Miranda!

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